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We want you to be in total TrueBlue comfort. Mattresses do have a settling in period where the material properties adjust to your personal body signature. It can take at least 30 days for new mattresses to settle in. So for peace of mind, we give you 100 days to trial your new mattress.

If you decide it’s not for you we’ll pick it up and give you a full refund.


We do our best to donate returned mattresses or we recycle using companies like Soft Landing, who divert unwanted mattresses from landfill and recover the materials for future use. The steel springs get melted down for reuse, the timber frames are turned into mulch and the mattress foam is turned into carpet underlay. Others materials are shredded and used for products such as boxing bags.


Customer Care and Warranty

10 Year Limited Warranty

Your TrueBlue Mattress has a limited warranty of 10 years from the date of purchase. This covers legal rights and specific obligations TrueBlue Mattress covers during the life of the mattress.

The warranty is valid for the original purchaser and is not transferable. Please retain your proof of purchase.

Congratulations on your purchase of your TrueBlue Mattress and/or Pillow

Mattress Warranty

This warranty covers mattresses manufactured and sold within Australia and New Zealand only. The warranty covers defects in raw materials and workmanship. The warranty period of 10 years from the time your mattress is purchased. The mattress must be used for its intended purposes and on a bed base that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the mattress and its occupants. If used on a slatted base, gaps between the slats must be a maximum of 9cm, we recommend 5cm.


What is covered

  • Mattress indentations of 25mm or more is considered a valid reason to exercise your warranty. To help equalise body impressions please rotate your mattress every two weeks for the first two months, then at least once every three months.​

  • Any physical defect that is visible, such as tears in the fabric, zip malfunctions any visible deformation of the mattress.

  • Remember a mattress is a piece of furniture so must be handled and transported with the upmost care, do not strap your mattress tightly with ropes or fastening straps for transportation. It’s a two person job.


What’s not covered

  • Comfort choice- it must be understood that many mattress materials such as foam will settle in the first 2-3 months of use. This is normal, the feel will generally soften a little during this wearing in period.

  • Physical damage to the structure and/or cover material caused by abuse or incorrect transportation, including but not limited to, stains, tears, liquid damage, stains and foam compressions from strapping.

  • Mattress bought second hand and/or through a non-authorised agent, whether online or retail.

  • Mattresses used on bases that fail to meet our recommendations.

Not Covered

Mattress Care Advice


  • Rotate your mattress as advised above

  • Carry the mattress on its side or flat, two persons

  • Use a mattress protector, waterproof ones are the best to avoid stains

  • Air your bed, every three months leave your bedclothes off for a few hours

  • Vacuum your bed occasionally using low suction

  • Consider the base you will be using



  • Remove labels or tags

  • Use cleaning agents on your mattress, some will damage the fabric and could affect the underlying materials. To clean use a damp wet cloth only

  • Bend or jump on the mattress

  • Use a non-supportive base, it may void your warranty

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