Washable Organic Cotton Cover


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Float away on Calm Classic, the hero and forerunner in our Organic Blue Collection pillow range.


Calm Classic has been designed to provide the perfect link between you and your mattress. Its medium height profile has universal appeal for all sized sleepers.


Memory foam provides amazing support while gently conforming to your head, neck and shoulders. But at True Blue, we know that the gold standard for sleep is the combination of pressure relieving comfort and temperature regulation. To keep your nights cool, the memory foam core has been ventilated to maximise air flow. We then went one step further and infused the heart of Calm Classic with a light sprinkle of lavender oil because this natural extract has been shown to help with relaxation and sleep.

At TrueBlue, we like to say, "love this land, like the skin you're in", so this legend of a pillow is 100% recyclable and beautifully finished in a washable, zipless (no more face bruises), organic cotton cover. 



  • Washable and zipless organic cotton cover
  • 100% recyclable pillow and packaging
  • Pressure relieving memory foam for support and ergonomic positioning
  • Ventilated core for enhanced breathability
  • Lavender infused for relaxation



60 x 40 x 13cm


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AU$198.00 Regular Price
AU$99.00Sale Price
  • Many foams are closed cell and do not breath, we only use open-cell foams that breath. As you move in your sleep, the open cells allow hot air to escape resulting in a cooler and more comfortable sleep.



We want you to be in total TrueBlue comfort. Mattresses do have a settling in period where the material properties adjust to your personal body signature. It can take at least 30 days for new mattresses to settle in. So for peace of mind, we give you 100 days to trial your new mattress.

If you decide it’s not for you