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At True Blue we love our land. That's why we are constantly building towards a better and healthier future for everybody.


TrueBlue is not only Australian made and owned but is also pure green. We use recyclable materials as well as organic elements where possible. Australia is famous for its abundant and pristine lands and our products are designed to preserve the environment and enable us to help achieve our goal as a zero landfill company.

We believe that product stewardship is something that all companies should abide by and work towards.  Product stewardship means taking ownership of a product from the start of its life to the finish. Protecting the environment is as important to us as supplying a comfortable, quality product to you.

With this in mind we are lucky enough to be in country that has the environment, materials and resources that allows us to fulfil our promise.


Genuine Natural Comfort


Sleep green and be TrueBlue.  As a part of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day, we pledge one tree will be planted via The Seedling Bank for every mattress sold. The Seedling Bank’s aim is to provide funds to supply native seedlings to schools and community groups around Australia.


You can read about our significant sustainability policy and practices below.


Organic Cotton

Our mattresses and pillows are encased in organic cotton covers. Organic cotton is made without the use of pesticides, herbicides or any artificial fertilisers. These fabrics are environmentally friendly and promote a happier and healthier life for both you and the Earth.

Washable Covers

The outer cover of our pillows are washable in a standard washing machine cycle or by hand.  This is a great way to increase the lifespan of your pillow, reduce waste and ensure that you have a clean and fresh night’s sleep.


We use GECA approved Dunlop Foams in our mattress comfort layers. GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certification tells you that a product provides solutions for sustainable consumption and production. 

Buy Local

Be a better mate to the planet. To reduce our carbon foot print we always try to buy locally made materials with GECA approval.


We use recyclable packaging wherever we can.  We also do our best to donate returned mattresses or we recycle using companies like Soft Landing, who divert unwanted mattresses from landfill and recover the materials for future use.​ Steel springs get melted down for reuse, timber frames are turned into mulch and mattress foam is turned into carpet underlay. Other materials are shredded and used for products such as boxing bags.

In everything we do, our first thought is, where will the material end up after the useful life of the product?

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