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Australian Made 5 Zone Mattress

Firm, Medium, Plush


TrueBlue’s Opulence range offers supreme comfort with additional thermal regulating properties. The quilted pillow top and specialty foams have been designed to contour to your body shape while 5 zones of pocket springs provide the reactive support needed to ensure correct spinal alignment. This design provides a solid foundation and is the ultimate combination of comfort and contouring support. TrueBlue Opulence is perfect for all sleep preferences but especially for those who run a little hot.

Ocean Blue Opulence features 5 Zone Pocket Spring construction and the latest in open cell foam tech including; CopperGel Memory Foam, Nex-Gen CC2, Fortune Blue and Bedrock HD foams.

All Dunlop Foams that meet with Environmental Choice Australia GECA approval. TrueBlue is committed to contributing to a healthier home environment and helping people with Asthma. Our beds use breathable Ultrafresh® comfort layers. For increased air flow and comfort our Ocean Blue mattress covers are a blend of heavy duty knitted fabric with 30% organic cotton.


Find your goldilocks zone on Ocean Blue Opulence.




5 ZONE POCKET SPRING 5 zones offer variable support for different parts of your body: head, shoulders, lower back, thighs, and feet. This helps ensure proper spinal alignment and extra support where you need it the most.

COPPER GEL MEMORY FOAM The combination of Memory Foam with Gel and Copper particles gives the ultimate comfort layer in mattresses today. Copper is the most conductive element on earth, combined with Gel and Memory Foam, it provides thermal regulation to absorb excessive body heat. Copper has also been used for many centuries for its antimicrobial properties because it weakens and eliminates almost all bugs and bacteria, resulting in a fresher mattress.

NEX-GEN CC2 Nex-Gen CC2 is the latest foam in mattress technology. It's a combination of open cell foam and high resilient (HR) foam that retains all the advantages of breathable open cell foams with the quick recovery of HR foams. The structure of Nex-Gen CC2 also offsets the heat sensitivity of memory foam and enhances contouring comfort and reduced partner motion. In short, Next Gen CC2 provides excellent pressure mapping results for unparalleled pressure relief.  

FORTUNE BLUE Fortune Blue is a high-density graduating foam that allows a seamless transition from Nex-Gen CC2 through to Bedrock HR, the foundation layer. The high-density medium feel gives extremely high comfort index to provide unparalleled support and superior resilience for exceptional recovery.

BEDROCK HD Bedrock HD is a high density world class foam capable of withstanding any body type and weight. Suitable for all types of bases, the quality of Bedrock HD surpasses many of our competitors and promises a solid long-life mattress.

MATTRESSES SIZES TrueBlue Mattresses are designed at the same width as our headboards and bases and take a standard size sheet. Single: 91(W)  x  190(L) Long Single: 91(W)  x  203(L) King Single: 107(W)  x  203(L) Double: 137(W)  x  190(L) Queen: 153(W)  x  203(L) King: 183(W)  x  203(L) Shown in centimeters (approximate).





Live the True Blue way, genuine, loyal & Australian

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