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If our beds were trees you'd never want to climb down.



For you and the planet

TrueBlue products are designed for comfort and support, not just for our sleeping bodies but also for the wonderful natural world around us. Discover our range of mattresses, pillows and bed bases, all beautifully built to purpose and delivered to your door with sustainable goals in place. We believe that there is no better choice for your body or the planet.

Check out our TrueBlue Green Strategies and read about our collaboration with Planet Ark here.


Comfort Preferences

After years of research and development we know that our mattresses respond to all body types and our range will satisfy all comfort preferences. 


Organic Cotton Covers

Enhance your sleep comfort with organic cotton. Organic cotton is made without the use of pesticides, herbicides or any artificial fertilisers. These fabrics are environmentally friendly and promote a happier and healthier life for both you and the Earth. Read more about our sustainable sleep solutions here.

Uncompressed Foam

Sleep should be stress free. For your comfort we only use uncompressed and fresh foams. This means that our mattresses have never been stressed, rolled and boxed. They have never had the life squeezed out of them or been stored in dust or plastic for a millennia.


Your bed will be freshly made to order and delivered to you in 100% recyclable packaging. Better yet, because our mattresses aren't rolled or boxed, you won't have to wait a day or two for your bed to expand properly before you can sleep on it. You can read more about our foams here.



We use recyclable materials wherever we can because our goal is to support the Worldwide effort to become a zero landfill society.  In everything we do, our first thought is, where will the material end up after the useful life of the product?

Read about our TrueBlue Green Strategies and collaboration with Planet Ark here.

Live the True Blue way, genuine, loyal & Australian

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