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Australian Made 



Our range of mattress bases and bedheads are 100% Australian from the ground up. TrueBlue craftsmen only use locally sourced, chemical free and sustainable plantation timbers encased in quality Australian upholstery.

We are one of the only online mattress businesses that supply Australian made bases and headboards (most are imported from China), and because our foundations are Australian made there is NO fumigation required. This means that there are no harmful chemicals that can infiltrate the integrity of the product. 

  • Available in all mattress sizes

  • Available in dark grey Australian quality upholstery

  • Responsibly sourced 100% Australian timber

  • No nasty fumigation chemicals

  • Manufactured in Australia using Australian skilled labour

  • Packaged with 100% recyclable and/or reusable materials




FOUNDATION SLIDES TrueBlue headboards attach simply via metal slides.

BASE SIZES TrueBlue Bases are designed at the same width as our mattresses and headboards. These dimensions are standard. All bases come with 4inch/10cm legs. NB: Queen and King Bases come in two parts. Single 91(W) x 190(L) x 15(H) Long Single 91(W) x 203(L) x 15(H) King Single 107(W) x 203(L) x 15(H) Double 137(W) x 190(L) x 15(H) Queen 2 pce 153(W) x 203(L) x 15(H) Queen 1 pce (x2) 153(W) x 101.5(L) x 15(H) King 2 pce 183(W) x 203(L) x 15(H) King 1pc (x2) 183(W) x 101.5(L) x 15(H) Shown in centimetres (approximate)

HEADBOARD SIZES TrueBlue Headboards are designed at the same width as our mattresses and bases. These dimensions are standard. Single 91(W)  x  101.5(H) x 5(D) Long Single 91(W)  x  101.5(H) x 5(D) King Single 107(W)  x  101.5(H) x 5(D) Double 137(W)  x  101.5(H) x 5(D) Queen 153(W)  x  101.5(H) x 5(D) King 183(W)  x  101.5(H) x 5(D) Shown in centimetres (approximate)

Live the True Blue way, genuine, loyal & Australian

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