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Can I change my delivery address?

Yes, but it must be before it has left the respective factory. If you inform us within 72 hours of ordering there won’t be an issue. Once it is with the transport company any changes will be difficult.

Can I select a delivery date and time?

Yes, not a problem. Our customer service team will co-ordinate this with you. Please note, the window for a specific day is 4 hours, generally morning or afternoon, we also offer Saturday deliveries.

How long does it take to get my mattress?

Our mattresses are made to order so generally in metro areas it will take 5 days. This will be confirmed when ordering. If in regional Australia, a delivery timeframe will be confirmed once your order is received.

Does the complete order arrive together?

Yes, no matter what you order, mattress, base or pillow, they all arrive at the same time.

Do you offer a new bed set up service and removal of the old mattress?

Yes. If this a service you require we can do set-ups free of charge. If you want your old mattress removed there is a charge of $50.

Can I change my delivery address?

Yes, not a problem. Our customer service team will co-ordinate this with you. Please note, the delivery window for a specific day is 4 hours, generally morning or afternoon and we also offer Saturday deliveries.


Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes you can and we'd love to say hello too. Please call 1800 747 787 between the hours of 9am & 5pm AEST Monday to Fridays.

What Terms and Conditions apply to purchases?

Our terms and conditions for online purchases can be found here

How does the 100-night trial work?

You can purchase from us with the peace of mind knowing what our 100 Day Comfort Guarantee promises. If you do not like your the mattress, we will give you a complete refund. We do recommend that you sleep on for a least 30 nights as a new mattress can take time to get used to. If you decide its not for you simply contact us and we will arrange for it to be picked up, once we have confirmation you will be 100% refunded.

Are TrueBlue mattresses truly Australian made?

Yes, unlike most online mattress companies which import mainly from China, ours are locally made using locally sourced raw materials.

How can I pay?

Currently we accept Visa/Mastercard, Afterpay and Paypal online.

Why are TrueBlue mattresses so cheap compared with other mattresses?

The direct to consumer business model is designed to eliminate the middleman and push down prices. Generally retailers have high overheads and expensive sales people, we pass all those savings on to you. At TrueBlue we pride ourselves on a genuine and transparent business model. All of our markups are genuine and your purchases will arrive exactly as described. We don't make mountains out of molehills, we tell it like it is.

Are TrueBlue bases Australian made?

Yes 100% made and upholstered by local factories and labour. We are probably the only online company that does this, most of our competitors' bases are imported.

What are the TrueBlue mattress recycling strategies?

We use recyclable packaging because our goal is to support the Worldwide effort to become a zero landfill society. We do our best to donate returned mattresses or we recycle using companies like Soft Landing, who divert unwanted mattresses from landfill and recover the materials for future use. ​​ The steel springs get melted down for reuse, the timber frames are turned into mulch and the mattress foam is turned into carpet underlay. Others materials are shredded and used for products such as boxing bags.


Can I purchase all the products on this website?

All listed products displayed online are available for purchase. We want you to sleep on fresh and uncompressed foams so our mattresses are made to order, safely wrapped in purpose built recycled and reusable packaging before being delivered unboxed and unrolled to your door. Please allow 7-10 days for your fresh bed to be made and shipped. Regional areas may take a little longer.

Can I change my order if I change my mind?

Yes, simply phone 180 747 787 or email info@truebluemattresses.com.au with your changes and we can rectify. This will need to be done within 24 hours of ordering before the mattress enters the manufacturing process. For more information on our returns and exchanges policy for online orders please see our terms and conditions here.

How do I obtain my order information if I have misplaced the email I received at the time of purchase?

Please contact us on 1800 747 787.

Can I make an online purchase and request that my purchase be delivered to an address other than my own?

You can have your order delivered to almost any location in Australia with a few exceptions, such as PO boxes. You will be asked to select your delivery address during the checkout process. If you need to change the delivery location of an order you have already placed please contact us on 1800 747 787 soon as possible. In some cases changing the delivery address of an order that has already been placed may incur additional delivery costs.

Who do I contact if I require help or have further questions about online purchasing with TrueBlue?

If you have a question about an order you have placed please contact on 1800 747 787 between the hours of 9am & 5pm AEST Monday to Fridays excluding NSW public holidays.

What types of payment do you accept for online orders?

Currently we accept Visa/Mastercard and Paypal.


Can I test or view products in store?

TrueBlue is an online retailer. We have 2 mattresses on our menu and offer a 100 Day Comfort Guarantee Trial so you can swap your mattress if you don't like it. We are confident of Ocean Blue's versatility and all returned mattresses are recycled. Read about our 100 Day Comfort Guarantee Trial here.

Who can help me with a particular product query?

For any information you can’t find on the website please either email enquiries@truebluemattresses.com.au or call 1800 747 787 during the hours of 9am & 5pm AEST Monday to Fridays excluding NSW public holidays.

Why are spring and foam mattresses better than just foam?

An internet search may suggest that foam lasts longer than springs. This is simply not true. Springs are resistant and do not lose height, unlike foam that softens over time and loses height and resilience.

Are foams breathable?

Some foams are breathable because the have been structures to enable air to escape. In a sprung mattress, your natural movement in the bed allows air to circulate promoting a cooler healthier sleep.

Why don’t you compress your mattress?

Mattresses are not designed to be compressed. This compressing or rolling of foam originated as a cost saving measure in America where freight is very expensive. This strategy has been copied in Australia to the detriment of mattress performance and integrity. Foam is not designed to be compressed, it can shorten the life of the mattress significantly. In some cases, mattresses (especially imported ones) can be compressed for months, stuck in hot containers and stored in large warehouses waiting to be delivered. There are known cases where they never recover. Read more here.