Float away on Calm Classic, our 100% recyclable pillow

Sleep easy on the Organic Blue Calm Classic Pillow. It features a memory foam core for pressure relieving comfort with lavender infused ventilated memory foam. This legend of a pillow is 100% recyclable and encased in a washable and zipless organic cotton cover.

  • 100% recyclable 

  • Superior support and comfort

  • Breathable foam layers

  • Washable organic cotton cover

  • Lavender Infused

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Float away on our Organic Blue Calm Classic Pillow. 


Calm Classic has been designed to provide the perfect link between you and your mattress. Its medium height profile has universal appeal for all sized sleepers especially when coupled with a cutting edge ventilated memory foam core.


Memory foam provides amazing support while gently conforming to your head, neck and shoulders. But at True Blue, we know that the gold standard for sleep is the combination of pressure relieving comfort and temperature regulation. To keep your nights cool, the memory foam core has been ventilated to maximise air flow. We then went one step further and infused the heart of Calm Classic with lavender oil because this natural extract has been shown to help with relaxation and sleep.

At TrueBlue, we like to say, "love this land like the skin you're in" so this legend of a pillow is 100% recyclable and beautifully finished in a washable, zipless (no more face bruises), organic cotton cover. 




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